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Provence Lavender Fields


Mademoiselle Provence LogoMademoiselle Provence was co-founded by Chloé Mortaud, a French American model and Miss France Pageant titleholder.

Chloé grew up in Provence, the Southeastern part of France, famed for its sunny climate, tranquil joie de vivre, welcoming beaches, luminous landscapes, affectionate cicadas and immaculate lavender fields.

After winning the Miss France title in 2009, Chloé headed to the US to connect with her mother’s African American roots. Working between Los Angeles and New York, she finally settled in Las Vegas.



Mademoiselle Provence Skincare Made in France with Natural IngredientsIn 2013, Chloé gave birth to her son Matis. “Once I had my son, I made it a priority to travel to Provence every year to give Matis the best of both worlds,” Chloe says.

“Each time I returned to the States, my luggage would be overflowing with French beauty products that I would give to family and friends. Sharing a piece of my home with my loved ones in the U.S. became a passion of mine and Mademoiselle Provence was born.”

With co-founder, Hélène Marceau, an experienced cosmetics executive who shares a similar love of Provence’s sweetness, the two young women set out to craft a line of natural cosmetics free of cruelty and of harmful chemicals.

Mademoiselle Provence beauty products only use clean and natural ingredients and are made in France, more precisely, in Provence!


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