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The Benefits of Royal Jelly in your Natural Skincare Routine and Saying Thank You to Bees

You’ve probably heard of the nutritional and health benefits of honey and royal jelly, but did you know that royal jelly in your natural skincare regimen can also work wonders? Is this post, we’ll explore how royal jelly can not only help moisturise your skin but also protect and heal it.

What is Royal Jelly?

Queen bees and baby bees (larvae doesn’t sound so nice) absolutely love and thrive on royal jelly. The industrious worker bees feed their delicious secretion to their most precious ones throughout the hive. Baby bees absolutely gorge themselves on royal jelly to grow strong and healthy. Baby bees who will one day become Queens are fed the most copious amounts of the good stuff. Worker bees make sure to stock plenty of royal jelly in their honeycombs. Just eat, little princesses!

Royal jelly is essentially made of water (lots of it), proteins and sugar. It packs a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and has amazing antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Royal jelly doesn’t contain just any type of protein though, but what is known as “Major Royal Jelly Proteins”. In other words, proteins that can only be made by bees! Queen bees who exclusively feed on royal jelly carry on their majestic duties for years, compared to a few short weeks for worker bees. To boot, the long lived queens are comparatively gigantic. Could feeding exclusively on royal jelly be the secret to their longevity?


Royal Jelly and Honey

What are the benefits of Royal Jelly in natural skincare?

Royal jelly has been shown to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Don’t take our word for it, if you’re a skeptic, do check this research paper published in Nature on wound re-epithelialisation using bee derived antibacterial peptide (ok, in plain English: royal jelly helps heal skin wounds in lab experiments but also in live people!).

A little royal jelly in your natural beauty routine will help protect, hydrate and heal your skin. We can’t promise that you will look ten years younger but you will look radiantly awesome and your skin will feel smooth and energised, a little like a Queen bee!


Gift Box Organic Royal Jelly Face Eye Cream

Why use organic and ethically sourced Royal Jelly?

Since times immemorial, bees have been working really, really, hard for nature and for humanity, pollinating plants and crops. Egyptians, some 5000 years ago, were probably the first ones to domesticate the little critters. Until the advent of the removable comb, beehives had to be smashed open to collect precious beeswax, honey and royal jelly.

Royal jelly is the bees’ most precious treasure. Secreted in small quantities, royal jelly is essential to the development of baby bees, as well as to the prodigious fertility of their queens. While beehives no longer need to be broken up, careful harvesting of royal jelly is a delicate procedure. Take too much royal jelly, and the health of the entire colony will direly suffer.

Sniffing a quick get rich scheme, the cosmetics industry (the same guys who sold us paraben and chemical laced beauty skin cream for years, saying it’s ok), started putting royal jelly in face creams, body creams, body wash and so forth.


Worker Bees


At Nature Beauty Glow, we only carry skin care products that use organic and sustainably harvested royal jelly. We’ve partnered with Fleurance Nature, a French and European pioneer of organic agriculture to be their exclusive distributor in Singapore. Fleurance Nature was established by farmer Michel Descamps in 1972, because he was concerned about the health and welfare of his cows. Michel foreswore the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. As they say, the rest is history… Half a century later, Fleurance Nature still has deep rooted commitment to community development, sustainability and organic agriculture. Fleurance Nature has been a sponsor of the “roof for bees” movement for Southwest France to help promote sustainable beekeeping and biodiversity.

On our online store, you can shop for Fleurance’s bestselling line of organic and natural royal jelly skincare: royal jelly regenerating body lotion, royal jelly anti-wrinkle face cream and royal jelly eye and lip contour.

All made in France, in the eponymous village of Fleurance, without harmful chemicals, without cruelty to animals, and independently certified organic by the European COSMEBIO label. Shop smart, know your organic and natural certification labels.

Thank you little bees!