Hand Cream Gift Box Set

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Fleurance Hand Cream Gift Box Set comes with our 4 signature hand creams ready to gift in an exclusive floral design re-usable metal gift box.

4 Hand Creams (Rose, Verbena, Lavender and Almond) that hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy or sticky. Its very gentle formula blends :

  • Almond Hand Cream contains : Organic sweet almond oil, to hydrate, tone and soften skin. Its high Vitamin A content is idea for fragile skin.
  • Rose Hand Cream contains : Organic Damask rose floral water, for its delicate fragrance and skin toning and purifying properties.
  • Verbena Hand Cream contains : Organic Tropical Verbena (also called Lemon Verbena) leaf extract, for anti-oxydant and energizing properties. The delicate lemon fragrance is also used for stress-reduction.
  • Lavender Hand Cream contains : Organic lavender floral water for its evocative perfume and relaxing properties so well-loved since Antiquity.
  • Plant glycerine,
  • Organic shea butter, to boost skin hydration and reinforce its protective barrier.
  • Organic aloe vera, known for its hydrating polysaccharides and ability to repair skin.

Why we love Fleurance Hand Cream Gift Box Set :

  • Non-sticky and quickly absorbed
  • Moisturizing that lasts
  • Light and natural fragrances -nothing over-powering nor full of chemicals
  • 4 signature Hand Cream scents : Lavender, Rose, Verbena and Almond.
  • 99.1% ingredients are Natural / 84.7% ingredients are Organic
  • 4 Handy 30ml tubes are easy to take on the go!
  • Cosmebio label guarantee : no silicons, SLS, phenoxyethanol, parabens, dyes, synthetic perfumes, GMOs…
  • Cosmebio label also guarantees non-polluting manufacturing processes.

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