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So you drink enough water, exercise and eat a healthy diet. But have you ever thought of what you put on your skin?
What you feed your skin matters. Here are 3 reasons why you want to use organic skincare now.

Organic Skincare by Fleurance Nature

1. Your skin is your biggest organ

Our skin is our biggest organ, and although it does a great job protecting us from many toxins and pathogens, our skin lets smaller-sized junk in.

Slather on moisturiser, and instants later, your skin has thirstily absorbed it. Imagine slurping up chemical gunk? Hmm, not really! You don’t want to feed your skin hormone-disrupting, irritant or cancer-causing food either then.

Go organic (or at least clean) for your skincare.

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2. High quality skincare is made with high quality ingredients

It’s kinda like cooking. Whip up your dinner with the finest ingredients and it will taste so much better than the very same recipe made with low-quality alternatives.

Skincare products made with high percentages of natural (and better still organic) ingredients contain more natural active ingredients that WORK and less fillers, skin-drying chemicals and irritants. Make your skincare work for you not against you!

When you think of it, plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Why? Because they WORK!

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3. Organic skincare is better for the planet

Certified organic skincare means a high percentage of the plant ingredients are cultivated without pesticides, chemicals and genetically-modified organisms.

That means no chemical run-off into the ground and water during cultivation.

It also means when you wash off your shower gel, face cleanser or shampoo, you can be sure you are not dumping extra toxins down the drain. Double good karma to you! Our planet needs all the help we can give it, NOW.

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