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NEW Hand Cream Gift Bundle

Do you know the properties of Verbena, Almond and Rose in skincare?

Organic Tropical Verbena (also called Lemon Verbena) leaf extract is used for its anti-oxidant and energizing properties. The delicate lemon fragrance is also used for stress-reduction. Reach for the Tropical Verbena Hand Cream for an uplifting and zesty pick-me-up!

Organic sweet almond oil deeply hydrates and softens skin. Its high Vitamin A content is idea for fragile skin. Extra dry hands from all that washing? Reach for the soothing powers of Almond Hand Cream!

Organic Damask rose floral water is loved the world over for its delicate fragrance and skin toning and purifying properties. Reach for Rose Hand Cream for all-round hand care, especially in city environments and if your skin feels dull. And of course, for it’s delicate rose fragrance!


What’s inside our Hand Cream Gift Set?

Because great things come in small packages!

And now we’ve included 3 great things in one sweet organza pouch.

We’re very excited to introduce Singapore to our Organic Hand Cream Trio Gift Set! The gift bundle contains 3 of our wonderfully scented hand creams from French brand Fleurance Nature, and come ready to gift in an organza pouch.

But first, here’s our 3 x 30ml hand cream gift set (available in Singapore).

Organic Hand Cream Gift Set Pouch by Fleurance Nature


We’re bundling up 3 of Fleurance Nature’s most popular certified organic hand creams : Verbena, Almond, and of course, Rose.

Organic Hand Cream Gift Set by Fleurance Nature

We also love the 30ml sizes : great for having at your desk, in the bathroom, kitchen, or purse.

So no matter what your mood is, this hand cream bundle has got you covered. Keep washing and hydrating those paws! Our hand creams are certified organic, made in France, and of course, cruelty-free. Slather up with goodness!




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FLOWER POWER : 6 ways to use FLORAL WATERS in your beauty routine

How to use the magical sounding “Floral Waters” packed in mysterious dark blue bottles? No need to be a pixie or a flower fairy (though that would be very cool) to use the wonderfully versatile Floral Water (or Flower Water) in your beauty routine!

How to use Floral Water in skincare?

Floral waters are very versatile : they cleanse, purify, refresh, tone, make you smell nice and floral, and even help set your make-up.

Our top 6 Ways to use Floral water in your skincare routine :

1. Cleanse and Tone

In the morning, wake up your face by spraying floral water! Or spray floral water as a toner, after cleansing your face.

2. Prep your face for moisturizing and make-up

Spray on floral water before you apply moisturizer.
Then, either let the floral water dry (that’s what I usually do), or dab off excess with a face towel. Follow up with your moisturizer, and make-up as usual.

3. Set your make-up with floral water

When your make-up is all done, lightly spray floral water and let dry. You’re all set!

4. Spray on floral water as a pick-me-up anytime during the day

This is one of my favourite pick-me ups! I always have a travel size floral water spray in my handbag for on the spot face (and soul!) refreshing. It’s like having my portable flower garden oasis I can reach for anytime.

GREAT for your PURSE and BUSY people on the go.

5. Finish off your make-up removal with floral water

When you have removed your make-up, spray on floral water to finish: the wonderful mist spray helps dislodge any residues, and freshens the skin.

6. Use floral water as gentle natural perfume

If you can’t do the usual eaux de toilette or perfumes, but would like to use some flower scent! The smell won’t linger as much as perfumes, but it’ll leave your skin fresh and lightly floral… smelling like your favourite flowers?
This is a great option for kids who want to wear perfume like mum or dad, because flower water is much gentler and more natural.

Ready, set, spray! Shop our range of Organic Floral Waters made in France from organic Mediterranean flowers: Damask Rose and Orange Blossom.

Organic Rose Floral Water by Fleurance Nature
Organic Damask Rose 200ml 


Organic Orange Floral Water by Fleurance Nature
Organic Orange Blossom 200ml
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Go Clean Skincare Routine : How to SWITCH to ORGANIC SKINCARE in 4 steps

You’re ready to go Organic for your skincare routine : YEAH! Then you look at your beauty stash and you don’t know where to start! How do you easily switch to an organic and natural skincare routine?

Here are 4 tips to get you going on the next step of your life with Organic Skincare (or at the very least, Clean Skincare)!


1. Step-by-step move and switch to Organic Skincare

You probably didn’t build your skincare collection in a day, so start small. When you finish a product, replace it by an organic (or clean, at least) equivalent. This way, you’re saving yourself cosmetic overwhelm (and not spending half your salary on a whole new skincare range).

Start small with our Organic Rose, Lavender, Verbena or Almond Hand Creams! They’re ONLY 15.20$SG with your 20% Welcome Coupon when you sign up for our Newsletter! (+3.50$ shipping)

Organic Hand Cream Box by Fleurance Nature
Verbena, Rose,Almond and Lavender Hand Creams from Fleurance


2. Get your basics in organic skincare

Start with products that you use most often and products you keep on your skin longest. Think : face moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm, hand cream. You want your everyday basics to be as clean (or organic) as possible.

Start your organic skincare adventure with one of our customer favourites: Rose Face Moisturiser

Organic Rose Face Moisturizer by Fleurance Nature
Organic Rose Face Moisturiser from Fleurance


3. Get educated and get labelled

I’m not talking about getting an organic chemistry degree. Find out about the big cosmetic nasties (hormone disruptors, possible carcinogens, irritants…). A few big cosmetic no-no’s for you : Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, PEG (Polyethylene Glycol / Oxide), Benzophenones, MIT (Methylisothiazolinone), MCIT or MCI (Methylchloroisothiazolinone), Glycol Ethers.

Words too long to remember ? Leave the work to the international organic product certifiers (like Ecocert or Quality Assurance International…). They independently check products and only those that pass the test can flaunt Certified Organic Labels.

This is what to look out for : REAL Certified Organic labels such as Cosmebio, Bio, USDA Organic or Australian Certified Organic.

The bottom line : it’s not because it’s says “Natural” or “ Organic” on the tube that the product is truly up to international organic and natural cosmetic standards.

Master Certified Organic Labels with our post.

Certified Organic Cosmetic Logos



4. Be Curious!

Changing skincare products can be challenging, especially if you really love your conventional version or have been using it for years! You may need to try different clean or organic products to find one that meets your needs. But don’t give up: clean and certified organic cosmetics are always improving and new products come up.

Be curious, try out different products and brands and you’ll find your match!

All our products are either Certified Organic or at the very least clean (no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), parabens, phthalates, silicones, EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Paraffin and Petrolatum)

Shop Organic Natural Face Care

Shop Organic Natural Body Care

Shop Organic Natural Hand Care

Shop BabyBaby



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3 Reasons to Fall in Love with LAVENDER SKINCARE


Lavender is such a powerful symbol of the South of France! Just a picture of lavender fields can bring instant relaxation.
But Lavender is more than just a pretty purple bush and wonderfully smelling plant. Lavender is therapeutic too, and has been used for thousands of years in the Mediterranean region.

Here are 3 great reasons to add Lavender skincare products to your beauty routine today. Continue reading 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with LAVENDER SKINCARE

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So you drink enough water, exercise and eat a healthy diet. But have you ever thought of what you put on your skin?
What you feed your skin matters. Here are 3 reasons why you want to use organic skincare now.

Continue reading 3 Reasons YOU WANT ORGANIC SKINCARE

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What Are Parabens? And Why You Should Avoid Them in Skincare

Parabens are the best known bad guys in the cosmetic world. Unless you’ve been living on a remote island for the past decade, you’re probably well aware that parabens are bad for your health. How bad are parabens and what purpose do they serve in your toothpaste, shower gel or hand cream? We’ll explore in this short article the current scientific consensus on the matter. By the end of this blog post, you will be ready to make the switch to organic and natural skincare free of parabens and of harmful chemicals. Continue reading What Are Parabens? And Why You Should Avoid Them in Skincare