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What are the benefits of Rose Water for the Skin?


Rose Water might be new on the shelves at skincare shops, but its uses for beauty date back to Antiquity! It has stayed around all this time for a good reason : it is a beauty potion for skin! Let’s look at what types of Rose Water are most commonly sold, their beauty benefits, and how they are used in a natural skincare routine.


What is Rose Water?

There are 2 types. Both are from the flower’s petals, and that’s about where the similarities end.

If you are thinking about adding to your beauty routine, you’ll want to know the differences between Rose Water and Rose FLORAL water (or Hydrosol).

Read on the find out why choosing one or the other is important.


How do you make Rose Water?

Here are the 2 ways:

1. Making Rose Water:

One is by steeping or boiling the petals in water (like making tea) and then removing the petals and keeping the water for use.

To make this type of product, sometimes dried petals are used and sometimes fresh ones. Essential oil is often also added into the water to either make it smell stronger or to add beauty benefits. Sometimes it is simply water with drops of essential oil.

rose petals and oil

2. Making Rose FLORAL Water or Hydrosol:

This method also involves boiling the petals. However, it is a more delicate process and does not use the water that the petals are boiled in.

The floral water is obtained by steam distillation. This means that as the water boils, the steam is collected. As this floral steam cools down and turns from steam to liquid, this liquid is collected: this is the Rose Floral Water.

The steam distillation makes the entire difference. The steam extracts the petals’ active ingredients and makes them more concentrated.

Very often, Floral Waters (or Hydrosols) are more pure than what is labeled “rose water” in shops, even though their smell is more delicate. Indeed, there are many ways of making what can be legitimately called “rose water”, and the processes are not usually explained on the product label. It may be difficult to tell the quality of the petals: are they dried? Fresh? Sprayed with chemicals? It may also be complicated to know the quality of the essential oil that is added into the water. Unless of course you are making it yourself with organic petals or organic essential oil!

In contrast, store products labeled as “Rose Floral Water” (or hydrosol) are obtained by steam distillation and naturally more concentrated in the active ingredients useful to the skin. Of course, you may not be able to tell the quality of the petals in the first place, but high quality brands guarantee distillation of only-freshly picked petals! And if you choose Certified Organic Floral water, then you know you are not putting chemicals on your face.

For a quick explanation for the hydrosol making process (an even one you can try at home!) :

Organic Floral Waters by Fleurance Nature
Organic Floral Waters


Rose Floral Water benefits for skin

It is a great addition to a natural skincare routine. Many toners on the market today have an extensive list of ingredients. Of course, these toners or face sprays may also contain active ingredients that helps with certain skin conditions. However, sometimes simplifying a skincare routine helps to clear the problem condition. So if you are looking to put less on your skin, floral waters are a great natural toner and face mist alternative.

Floral Water for Skin Toning

This centuries-old beauty potion helps remove any remaining impurities after skin cleansing, and also helps prepare the skin for moisturizing. Applying moisturizer after a spray of floral water will also help lock in its natural active properties.

Floral Water for Skin Soothing

Rose Floral Water helps soothe irritated skin, and can help with blemishes, redness and sensitive skin.

It may also help prevent oxidative damage and thus help within an anti-wrinkle skincare routine.

So now that we have talked about its benefits, let us have a look at how to use it!


How to use Rose Floral Water?

As a toner, as a make-up fixer, and many other uses!

Check out the full article for 6 ways to use floral waters in your natural beauty care routine! 

And if you are ready to dive into natural beauty: here is Fleurance Nature Rose Floral Mist Toner. This Certified Organic Floral Water Spray is made from organic flowers grown in Morocco, and steam-distilled to preserve their active ingredients for skincare.

Organic Rose Floral Water by Fleurance Nature
Organic Rose Floral Water Spray for Skincare
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What are the benefits of Argan Oil for skin and hair?


What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil comes from the kernel of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa). This tree grows in Morocco, and sometimes Argan Oil is referred to as “Moroccan Oil”.

Argan nuts are harvested mostly by women. The nuts are then roasted (in the same way as coffee or cocoa beans), and the oil is extracted from the kernel by grinding.

argan oil nut
Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan fruit


What are the benefits of Argan Oil for the Skin and Hair?

Argan Oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. It is also very high in antioxidants and Vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory and certain anti-bacterial properties.

This makes Argan Oil effective in moisturizing the skin and preventing oxidative damage from the sun and free radicals.

It can also help slow signs of aging : Argan Oil helps keep skin supple and prevents premature skin drying and the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Argan Oil can help regulate oily and blemish prone skin. Although putting oil on oily and acne-prone skin seems counter-intuitive, sometimes what the skin needs is a protective barrier to help seal in natural moisture and prevent the skin from over-reacting to harsh pimple products by producing… more oil! Argan Oil is also considered a medium to light oil, and is more easily absorbed than say, Coconut Oil which is more adapted to dry skin.

Argan Oil can also be used on hair to help prevent and repair split ends, and overall to beautify dry, brittle or damaged hair. If your hair is on the oily side, apply Argan Oil to the tips (not the roots).

And last but not least, Argan Oil is great to repair damaged and brittle nails as well!


How to use Argan Oil on Skin and Hair?

To apply on skin, the best is to massage a few drops of Argan Oil into damp skin or damp hair. This will help lock in the moisture. You can also add a couple of drops to your favourite face or body lotion to give it an Argan Oil boost!


What is high quality Argan Oil?

The benefits of Argan Oil are well recognized now, as the many skin and hair products available on the market definitely show. With all these choices, how can you be sure you are buying a high quality oil?

Here are a few tips to help you shop for quality Argan Oil that will make a difference on your skin and hair.

Look for 100% Argan Oil

Argan Oil is expensive, and one way to make an oil cheaper is to dilute the oil with cheaper oils. To make the most out of Argan Oil’s many beauty benefits, be sure to get 100% Argan Oil, oil that is not mixed with other cheaper oils.

Organic Fair Trade Argan Oil by Fleurance Nature
100% Cold-pressed Argan Oil – certified Organic and Fair-Trade


Buy Non-refined and non-deodorized Argan Oil

Skip any oil that’s been heated or refined, and go for cold-pressed and non-deodorized Argan Oil that conserves more of its beneficial properties. How to know? Non-refined oil has a nutty smell and a rich gold colour. It may also say “cold-pressed”, “non-deodorized” or “non-perfumed” on the packaging.


Skip the value-pack

Non-refined oil also spoils faster, so it is best to buy Argan Oil in bottle sizes that are adapted to your use and buy again when you’re done. You may also want to buy Argan Oil that is protected from light: look out for tinted bottles or bottles packaged in boxes. Keeping sunlight out also helps to conserve Argan Oil’s beauty benefits.


Go Organic

Argan Oil is extracted from the heart of the Argan fruit. The very high oil content of the kernels makes them sponges for absorbing anything that’s used in cultivation. Conventional agriculture uses chemical pesticides and fertilizers that end up in the oil. Buying certified organic Argan Oil means such chemicals are not used. Less harmful chemicals is always better and choosing organic when possible is a sensible decision.


Buy Fair-Trade

In certain area of Morocco, the women producers are organized into Fair-Trade rural cooperatives. Buying Argan Oil from such cooperatives at a fair price helps support rural women’s livelihoods. It also helps preserve Argan tree plantations. Desertification puts these plantations at risk, and planting more trees helps to stabilize the soil and slow desertification. Fair-Trade Argan Oil probably doesn’t have a composition that’s very different from non-Fair-Trade oil, however knowing that the women who make it feel empowered and able to sustain their communities and families most likely makes them happier. And happy people make happy oil!

We sell Fair-Trade and Organic Argan Oil and Hair Mask.

Read more about the Fair-Trade communities that are supported by Fleurance Nature Argan Oil.

argan fruit morocco
Fruit on the Argan Tree in Morocco


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NEW Hand Cream Gift Bundle

Do you know the properties of Verbena, Almond and Rose in skincare?

Organic Tropical Verbena (also called Lemon Verbena) leaf extract is used for its anti-oxidant and energizing properties. The delicate lemon fragrance is also used for stress-reduction. Reach for the Tropical Verbena Hand Cream for an uplifting and zesty pick-me-up!

Organic sweet almond oil deeply hydrates and softens skin. Its high Vitamin A content is idea for fragile skin. Extra dry hands from all that washing? Reach for the soothing powers of Almond Hand Cream!

Organic Damask rose floral water is loved the world over for its delicate fragrance and skin toning and purifying properties. Reach for Rose Hand Cream for all-round hand care, especially in city environments and if your skin feels dull. And of course, for it’s delicate rose fragrance!


What’s inside our Hand Cream Gift Set?

Because great things come in small packages!

And now we’ve included 3 great things in one sweet organza pouch.

We’re very excited to introduce Singapore to our Organic Hand Cream Trio Gift Set! The gift bundle contains 3 of our wonderfully scented hand creams from French brand Fleurance Nature, and come ready to gift in an organza pouch.

But first, here’s our 3 x 30ml hand cream gift set (available in Singapore).

Organic Hand Cream Gift Set Pouch by Fleurance Nature


We’re bundling up 3 of Fleurance Nature’s most popular certified organic hand creams : Verbena, Almond, and of course, Rose.

Organic Hand Cream Gift Set by Fleurance Nature

We also love the 30ml sizes : great for having at your desk, in the bathroom, kitchen, or purse.

So no matter what your mood is, this hand cream bundle has got you covered. Keep washing and hydrating those paws! Our hand creams are certified organic, made in France, and of course, cruelty-free. Slather up with goodness!




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FLOWER POWER : 6 ways to use FLORAL WATERS in your beauty routine

How to use the magical sounding “Floral Waters” packed in mysterious dark blue bottles? No need to be a pixie or a flower fairy (though that would be very cool) to use the wonderfully versatile Floral Water (or Flower Water) in your beauty routine!

How to use Floral Water in skincare?

Floral waters are very versatile : they cleanse, purify, refresh, tone, make you smell nice and floral, and even help set your make-up.

Our top 6 Ways to use Floral water in your skincare routine :

1. Cleanse and Tone

In the morning, wake up your face by spraying floral water! Or spray floral water as a toner, after cleansing your face.

2. Prep your face for moisturizing and make-up

Spray on floral water before you apply moisturizer.
Then, either let the floral water dry (that’s what I usually do), or dab off excess with a face towel. Follow up with your moisturizer, and make-up as usual.

3. Set your make-up with floral water

When your make-up is all done, lightly spray floral water and let dry. You’re all set!

4. Spray on floral water as a pick-me-up anytime during the day

This is one of my favourite pick-me ups! I always have a travel size floral water spray in my handbag for on the spot face (and soul!) refreshing. It’s like having my portable flower garden oasis I can reach for anytime.

GREAT for your PURSE and BUSY people on the go.

5. Finish off your make-up removal with floral water

When you have removed your make-up, spray on floral water to finish: the wonderful mist spray helps dislodge any residues, and freshens the skin.

6. Use floral water as gentle natural perfume

If you can’t do the usual eaux de toilette or perfumes, but would like to use some flower scent! The smell won’t linger as much as perfumes, but it’ll leave your skin fresh and lightly floral… smelling like your favourite flowers?
This is a great option for kids who want to wear perfume like mum or dad, because flower water is much gentler and more natural.

Ready, set, spray! Shop our range of Organic Floral Waters made in France from organic Mediterranean flowers: Damask Rose and Orange Blossom.

Organic Rose Floral Water by Fleurance Nature
Organic Damask Rose 200ml 


Organic Orange Floral Water by Fleurance Nature
Organic Orange Blossom 200ml
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3 Reasons to Fall in Love with LAVENDER SKINCARE


Lavender is such a powerful symbol of the South of France! Just a picture of lavender fields can bring instant relaxation.
But Lavender is more than just a pretty purple bush and wonderfully smelling plant. Lavender is therapeutic too, and has been used for thousands of years in the Mediterranean region.

Here are 3 great reasons to add Lavender skincare products to your beauty routine today. Continue reading 3 Reasons to Fall in Love with LAVENDER SKINCARE